Case Study - A Flagship Product Redesign

UX Design

The Problem

Orthodontic treatment is different for every patient and can definitely be expensive. The OrthoFi product is meant to empower practices to able to offer more affordable payment plan options and as result make treatment more accessible to patients regardless of their financials.


The OrthoFi product team was looking to complete an entire redesign of their flagship product in order to provide a better user experience for both practices and patients. This meant also improving the internal interface of the software which OrthoFi operations staff use daily to provide client services

such as:


  • Customer Support for patient questions

  • Customer Support for practice staff questions

  • Insurance eligibility checks

  • Claims Management - billing and reporting

Some of the overarching goals of the redesign include:


  • Increasing self-service approach to features currently in the system to empower various users types

  • Improving the navigation design throughout the system

  • Dashboard overhaul

  • Improving the on-boarding process and messaging/notifications throughout the system

  • Improvements to content strategy along with a more uniform aesthetic/style guide

The Solution

Redesign of the OrthoFi flagship product in order to roll out a new version of the practice and patient facing portals long with an internal redesign of the product for OrthoFi staff.

My Roles


I currently work within the product team with a design partner covering responsibilities including:


User Research including deliverables such as:

  • Assumption and risk assessments

  • Persona generation

  • Journey maps

  • User interviews- interview responses analyzed for trends

  • Usability Testing - on the current product for insights

  • Contextual inquiry at practices/headquarters



Design Iteration/Design Studio including deliverables such as :

  • Design concepts/iterations

  • Storyboards

  • Sketches

  • Sitemaps

  • User flows

  • Navigation or IA changes

  • Annotated wireframes

  • Working prototypes    

Testing and Validation including deliverables such as:

  • Design improvements and/or changes

  • Updated wireframes

  • Updated prototypes for more testing

  • Annotated wireframes for development

Research and Discovery

User Research

User research is conducted through efforts including competitive analysis, contextual inquiry, user interviews, and studying industry best practices to name a few. Some user research based deliverables  thus far have included journey maps and persona generation.

Journey Maps

Journey maps were generated from user research conducted in the form of external user interviews, internal interviews with OrthoFi staff and stakeholders, and contextual inquiry at actual practices using the existing product where practice members and patients could be observed.

Sample journey maps:

Patient Journey Map
Practice Journey Map

Persona Generation

Personas were solidified and expanded upon in order to better prepare for the software redesign. This was especially helpful being that the system redesign is being approached in a user role basis. Keeping the different types of users and their specific goals in mind was important.


Sample external persona:

Assessing redesign goals based off research

Based off user research some of the existing redesign goals were further supported along with newer goals being added. 

Some of those including:

  • Improve “self service” within the product for both internal and external users

  • Increasing automation abilities in various features of the product

  • Mobile first design approach

  • Designing with the future in mind

  • Simplifying the experience overall for users

  • Creating a product which is user specific and role focused

UX efforts for improving process and planning in parallel with the actual redesign

Prior to the redesign kickoff we worked to create more process and resources not only for ourselves as two designers but also for the product team members we work with. Some of the deliverables created thus far include a top level UX project plan which can be referenced as a backbone blueprint for planning UX efforts which are applicable to a said project. Some of the other efforts we have made to improve the overall climate include:

Lunch and Learn

A great example of this initiative was when we realized we may not always be available to be present with Business Analysts or Product Owners when they conduct feedback calls for a given project. We addressed this by leading a Lunch and Learn with certain product team members to touch on best practices and examples of appropriate phrasing tactics for presenting questions to users.


User Community

The concept of having a set group of actual product users which are willing to participate in beta testing and other VOC sessions is extremely valuable when looking to gain user feedback throughout the various stages of the redesign. How to grow and manage this group is something we are making a conscious effort to focus on during the year.


UX Playbook

This is a larger resource which is actually a live document with its own URL which can be accessed by team members. It follows the project plan most Business Analysts follow and within the stages of project work, the available options for utilizing us as UX Designers is highlighted with examples and descriptions on basically “how to use us to their advantage.”

UX Roadmap

We feel it is important to plan ahead when it comes to making a conscious effort to integrate UX into the design process for an organization’s project(s). That being said, the UX Roadmap was born. We set quarterly goals with loose deadlines which are solidified as they approach in a given month. Some are goals are general in nature and some apply to just a specific project or quarter.  

Design and Wireframes

Currently the redesign is underway, and we are working on various staged out sub-projects which together support the overall effort. The project plans, design iterations, usability testing results, annotated wireframes and prototypes are obviously limited by a NDA.


I am happy to provide more detail on these if need be. Please feel free to contact me directly at or through the form below. 

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