Through a new website, the client wishes to showcase their products, while maintaining their brand image of tradition, fun, and creativity. The Kid In Us offers a highly-curated toy inventory focused on hand-picked quality over quantity.




  • User interviews

  • Card Sorting

  • Competitive analysis

  • User flows

  • Rapid sketching

  • Usability testing

  • Wireframes 

  • Client presentation

Client Interview

Client Values ...


  • Delightful experience from order to delivery

  • Value a hand-picked, curated selection

  • Never divide our products or our marketing along gender lines

  • Never lose touch with the personal touch of the small shop that started it all

Competitive and Comparative Analysis

What else is out there?

  • Etsy or Ebay for buying vintage toys, games and magic 

  • Other boutique and/or vintage online stores

  • Magic specific online stores




How we can differentiate 

  • Engaging product presentations through curated content

  • Better refined search options

  • Profile Tracker/Builder

  • Rewards programs for returning or loyal clientele

  • Robust “resources section” for shoppers to build trust 




What features might not be feasible

  • Competitive free shipping

  • Certain product categories to “stay small”

  • Online tech support/customer service due to lack of staffing/budget 

Card Sorting and Navigation Design

Card sorting research was held to determine global and local navigation for the site. Four participants provided feedback through this research method. 


This ensured that the navigation at a glance will reflect your company’s purpose and the entirety of it’s content.  


Site visitors will be able to glean the scope of the entire site by the primary links-Toys, Games, Magic, and Originals. 


The navigation is not only simple to understand, but it also reflects the core values of the you as the client by prioritizing the vision of The Kid In Us. Remaining true to hand-selected inventory collected to serve the needs of your specific buyers, unlike the Toy’s R Us of the world.

Persona Generation



Age: 52 years old


Occupation: HR Manager


Cares About: Reliable service, stock of specialist items and value price shipping 


“He tells me what he wants - the hard part is finding it”


Bio: Jenny is the grandmother of a 9 year old budding magician. As her grandson develops his skill, each birthday and holiday sees her buying the next magic trick, which must be appropriate for his age and experience. Jasmine doesn't buy online often, but understands that it's the best way to get specialist products, and appreciates the convenience of home delivery. She usually places orders well in advance to take advantage of discounted shipping.


Tech empathy: Low | Purchase cycle: Long | Has: Dell PC, LG phone

User Scenarios

The value added scenario for Jenny was derived by considering her pain points and needs. The design goal became to  provide Jenny a supportive and rewarding system which will help her find the best magic trick set for her grandson.

Needs from online store


  • Simple layout and clear choices 

  • Fair pricing and flexible shipping options 

  • Record of past purchases 

  • Suggestions based on past purchases 

  • Understanding of age/difficulty level of products


Pain points


  • Overwhelmed by choices

  • Finding magic tricks with unfamiliar names 

  • Indistinct product categories 

  • Having to remember payment details 

  • Having no one to talk to

Jenny arrives on the homepage where she utilizes the gift finder tool in order to generate product search results which fit her needs. She then finds a suitable magic trick for her grandson which she adds to the shopping cart. Her online account has her information saved, allowing for a swift checkout.


User Flow for Jenny
Rapid Prototyping

The user interface concepts began as sketches which later developed into high-fidelity wireframes.

User testing was held on the low-fidelity wireframes before moving forward. Three participants were asked to walk through the initial UI designs for Jenny’s task of finding the ideal magic gift. 


Some improvements implemented included changes to the footer navigation categories and changes to the profile builder for clearer wording and understanding.


Before creating visual designs, there were low-fidelity wireframes for quick 

iteration. Wireframes included the feature prioritisation to support Jenny’s ideal user experience through curated content, a gift finder tool, suggested products based off her past purchases and a rewards program for being a returning customer.

Further usability testing was held on the high-fidelity wireframes and changes were incorporated before the final client presentation of the prototype.


The Kid In Us

Case Study - The Kid In Us E-Commerce Toy Site

Research, Information Architecture and UX Design


Meeting Business Needs

Meeting Client Needs

Overall, more design iterations as a result of further user testing and high-fidelity prototype improvements.


Other suggestions to consider in regards to the overall site design:


  • Further develop the rewards program onto most site pages. Rewards should be earned during typical site journeys through actions such as sharing to social media channels while shopping and wish listing items to earn points.


  • Develop a corporate blog to showcase the curation and history of toys


  • Continue to update curated content carousel depending on time of year and latest products 




  • Curated content carousel displays some magic suggestions to aid Jenny


  • Gift Finder Tool- Customized search filters to assist in finding the appropriate magic gift 


  • Rewards program displays appreciation to returning/repeat customers such as Jenny


  • Checkout is simplified and account information is retained to expedite process


  • Past purchases are stored in her account along with offering purchase suggestions










  • A delightful experience from order to delivery through features such as the gift finder tool


  • Curated content carousel highlighting efforts of hand-picked inventory offerings


  • Product categories and marketing efforts which avoid gender lines


  • Never loses the personal touch of the small shop that started it all with customized shopping experiences


  • Highlighting the story and vision for The Kid in Us from brick and mortar to today throughout the site










Next Steps

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